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March Green Drinks is a go. We'll will get together on Thursday, March 10, at Wiley's Tavern downtown at 5pm. We're going to return to our roots as a monthly mixer and leave the discussion wide open. Free and frivolous.

Drop by and have a drink, green or otherwise.

Green Drinks is an informal monthly mixer of individuals interested in sustainability, environmental issues and green initiatives. Occasionally, a special event, topic or speaker will be incorporated to add a little flavor, but not always. It’s just a chance rub noses with like-minded people. All are welcome, all are wanted.

The latest poster by Astronaut:


March Details.

WHO:     Business leaders, designers, government officials, students,                non-profits, foodies, and anyone else who enjoys meeting,                    networking and learning with new and old friends. 

WHEN:   5:00 pm 'til whenever
               March 10th, 2011

LEARN:  Free for all discussion. Quantity and quality topics.

WHERE: Wiley's Tavern
                330 N Main St., Sioux Falls, SD 57104

COST:     Free! (you'll need to pay for your drinks, unless you have     
                generous green friends)
(If you're a local green know-it-all and want to give a 10-15 minute talk at a future Green Drinks, give us a shout.)

Find Wiley's

Wiley's is easy to get to by bike, foot, SAM bus or Trolley

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What is Green Drinks?

Green Drinks is a free and informal monthly mixer that brings together folks who are interested in sustainable business, design, policy and living. This is your chance to connect up and help shape a future that's green and happy in the Sioux Falls region. Join us for good booze, good convo and a little networking with other environmentally minded people.

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OK, who's responsible here?

Here in Sioux Falls, Green Drinks is organized by the Sioux Falls Green Project and Astronaut. Learn more.

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